Trinity Bradfield Prize Winner: Saikat Subhra Ghosh

Trinity Bradfield Prize Winner: Saikat Subhra Ghosh

Batteries and torque are two of the key problems facing electric cars today, and Saikat Subhra Ghosh might be the man to solve this. He aims not only to solve these problems but make electric cars more economically viable in the process. Saikat is a PhD graduate from the University of Cambridge and recently won first prize in the Trinity Bradfield Prize. This awarded him three months of free space in the Bradfield Centre to experience and grow within its entrepreneurial culture, plus £10,000 in prize money.

His research is revolutionary for the industry as a car needs high torque when accelerating but low torque when cruising at high speeds. Electric vehicles currently do this by changing gears, but there isn’t a wide enough torque range. This is where Saikat comes in. He’s proposing an electric machine and control system capturing the whole range of torque. This means you can completely do away with the gearbox, reducing the space required and making the care more cost-effective. This technology has the potential to cut the price of electric vehicles drastically, making them more affordable than their conventional counterparts.

Saikat is passionate about his project and strongly feels this is the sector to be in, saying “If you want to do the cool stuff, this is where the fun happens”. This is one of the reasons why Saikat is excited to be in the Bradfield Centre. “Here, you can see an idea develop from lab to business, and I hope to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur and being able to describe my product and vision more effectively.”

The advice Saikat gives to students aspiring to be in the same position as him is always to keep going, even if it doesn’t work the first time. “This century is very focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and today Universities have a far greater entrepreneurial focus, so talk to them about your ideas and get their guidance.”

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