Making Medical Trials Easier

Making Medical Trials Easier

Getting through medical trials is often a lengthy, confusing, and costly process; but luckily Inultra has a solution.

The everyday products we use as consumers have to go through various tests, inspections, and certifications. These processes can be time-consuming and tedious, which is where Inultra Limited comes in. Software Engineer Kanwal Madra gave us some new insight into Inultra’s new software application, TrueState, shortening the time it takes for businesses to get their products approved. It does this through automation, and knowing the systems inside and out, making the process far easier.

Kanwal was originally an aerospace Engineer who found himself becoming more involved with the software side of his job as the industry developed, soon finding himself purely in software. This is what led to the birth of Inultra nine years ago. Starting out as a consultancy, it was only three years ago that they started looking at creating a product. The spark for their innovative idea came from a problem that a client was having with navigating the various trial processes. Inultra looked at developing software for them, but it was clear that it could be applicable to lots of other companies. The software allows you to be faster, slicker, and provide your customers with a better service.

The big takeaway from his experiences was to not be rigid and to have an open mind. What you offer may not be what the customer wants, but only by looking at a solution can you make the product better. “Sometimes it's uncomfortable doing that, but the solution is key. We have to have a solution mindset, rather than a product mindset”.

Inulta originally joined our Central Working office in Slough, but saw the utility of the multiple London locations, and recently bought a desk in the White City club. As well as the diversity of the locations around London, Kanwal made it clear he personally liked the community culture. The combination of businesses mixed together makes for some great conversation and learning, as well as “opportunities to meet other people and founders”.

Central Working’s coworking spaces will be Inultra’s home over the course of 2019 as they grow. TrueState has been released and will have continual support, but the main focus will be spreading the word about it and connecting with customers. Kanwal also wants to see if TrueState is a good fit for a wider variety of customers and how it needs adapting to do so. It's looking like this will be Insultra’s year as, for them, “2019 is all about getting out there and demonstrating how we’ve made and a difference to our clients.” We’re excited to see what happens.

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